What makes a startup successful? A good founder? Skilled employees? An innovative concept? The answer is all of those things matter. One of the many reasons that some startups quickly achieve success is because they value time and manage it in such an efficient way that it boosts employee productivity leading to a fast-growing business.

There are certain things every business should learn from successful startups including scouting and hiring talents whose goals align with the company’s goal. It is essential that your employees stay engaged not only to the payroll and benefits you provide them but also to their work. Employees who love their work and want to work with you to reach the company’s goal are key to success.

For startups, productivity is a prerequisite and albeit popular belief, it can not be achieved by some simple workplace hacks. Here are few ways successful startups boost employee productivity.

employee meeting


Cut Down on Unnecessary Meetings

Holding daily meetings is often the cause of disruptions as they are not only time-consuming but also distract employees from doing the work that needs to be done. For meetings, employees’ valuable time that could have used to do priority tasks gets wasted in preparing slides for the presentations.

So, streamline the way employees communicate with each other. Ask yourself: Is the meeting an absolute necessity? Can the topic be discussed by exchanging messages on your team messaging software or just a simple video call? If so, then cut down on those unnecessary meetings and let your employees work on tasks according to deadline priority. Remember that unproductive meetings can cost your company millions in productivity per year.

Utilize Technology

According to research conducted, about 40% of the total time is wasted on tasks that could be automated. Investing in AI-driven tools and technology has short-term as well as long-term benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. Let the tools do the repetitive tasks while the employees can concentrate on tasks that require creativity and human interactions.

In the case of startups, there are a limited number of employees and each of their time is valuable. It is essential for you to track your employee’s time which can be easily done by utilizing time tracking tools. As an employer, you can easily access your timesheet here and observe how employees are utilizing their time. This can not only help you calculate their payroll without any discrepancies but also help you make well-informed changes to better manage the time of your employees.

Employee Health Matters

In this fast-paced work, it is difficult to catch a breath and have some time for yourself. For your employees to deliver quality work and enhance productivity, they require a healthy mind and a healthy body. Many successful startups give their employees mental health leaves apart from sick leaves and this makes employees trust the company.

A company that cares for their health will make your employees work with more vigor and dedication. Employees are the greatest asset of your company so taking care of their health should be your priority as their employer.





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