Have you ever had to implement the ability to select a range of dates to get some reports in the application? The usual solution is to use two independent date pickers, which often cause users to complain about the inconvenience of the interface. XE Software is pleased to introduce  XE-Date Control , which allows you to select the desired date range in just 2 clicks.

XE-Date Control can work in two modes:

  • Single Date.  Plain Date Picker, with a powerful, customizable calendar.
  • Date Range. 2 dates can be selected at once. The developer can specify the orientation of the placement of dates. It can be either Vertical (end date below start date) or horizontal (end date to the right of start date)

XE-Date Control features a powerful custom calendar with the following features:

  • Bookmark days selection, displaying 2 months at once . The user can quickly select a range of dates within two months, select the current date, or clear the date (assign a Null).
  • Bookmark the selection of months and years . The user can select a period limited by month / months, year / year, or quarter.
  • The color scheme of the calendar can be customized according to the overall style of your application.
  • All text elements of the calendar can be reflected in Russian.

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