Have you ever needed to specify the range of dates as input parameter for some report in your application? Usual way is to put 2 date pickers. XE Software represents much more convenient integrated solution XE-Date Control, which allows inputting the range of dates from one calendar just in 2 clicks.

XE-Date Control is able to work in 2 modes:

  • Single Date. Ordinary Date Picker with powerful calendar
  • Date Range. Two dates may be inputted at one pass. Developer can specify in which orientation the dates should be shown. It can be either Vertical (start date is above end date) or Horizontal (end date is on the right side of start date)

XE-Date Control is powered with the customizable Calendar having following functionality:

  • Sizable Calendar. User can choose specific period of dates in the scope of several months, quickly select current date and set the date to Null value.
  • Month and Year selection tab. User can easily select a period choosing some month/year or the range of months/years. Also, there can be specified a quarter.
  • Calendar color set can be specified in conjunction with the whole application style
  • All static text elements in the Calendar can be localized to your language

How to make a date Empty (Null):

  • Double click on a date and press DEL or BACKSPACE
  • In the Calendar, click “X” button on the left-bottom corner.

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